Acumatica Overview

Acumatica delivers business applications for retailers, distributors, and manufacturers, offering an excellent back-office solution to your eCommerce or Retail operations.

Built for mobile and telework scenarios and easily integrated with the collaboration tools of your choice, Acumatica delivers flexibility, efficiency, and continuity of operations to growing small and midmarket organization.

Connect your business and adapt at market speed. Acumatica’s Cloud ERP platform is designed for the way businesses operate today—and tomorrow.

The Perfect Solution:

Acumatica was built to support emerging technologies and adapt to changing needs. Because you only pay for what you use, it’s easy to scale your investment as your resource demands change. You’ll have complete visibility into financials, customers, and operations, with anytime, anywhere access that ensures operational continuity and business resilience.

Discover how Acumatica helps businesses and organizations thrive with robust features built into a comprehensive suite of modern ERP applications.

5 Things You’ll Love About The Connected Cloud

Connected Cloud Eliminates Redundant Data Entry

Connected Cloud Provides the Right Information at the Right Time

Connected Cloud Lets You Work Smarter and Faster

Connected Cloud Increases Visibility

Connected Cloud Expands the Capabilities of Your System


Success With Acumatica

See how the Auto Action Group, and many others, have shifted into Overdrive with Flexible Acumatica Cloud ERP.

“As we grow with larger nationwide projects, Acumatica allows us to manage the process more efficiently. Because of Acumatica and the information we provide, clients have a high level of comfort with us.”

Jared Cohen, CEO and Co-Owner Auto Action Group

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