Benefits of CPI – Are you doing it?

Benefits of CPI – Are you doing it?

What is CPI? Is this Six Sigma? CIP? Lean? Project Management? Lean Six Sigma? CI? Sure Step?  I’m already confused!

Stop.  Let’s start simple.  C.P.I. stands for Continuous Process Improvement.  In the simplest terms it is an attitude and practice of continually reviewing processes to see if you can make them better.  Better processes result in fewer steps, less errors, less time, and better customer satisfaction.  Many of the other terms above are either another name for CPI, or are one of the many methodologies used to implement CPI.  (Go figure people who spend all day working on improving processes built processes to do it!) We can talk in depth about different methods later, but for now, are you reviewing your business processes?

Processes change as businesses change.  A business that started just 10 years ago is probably interacting with vendors and customers through different software now than they did back then.  If your vendor changed, did you review how that impacts your business process?  Just a few things that have probably changed for you in the last few years:

  • Vendor PO’s
  • Customer payment methods
  • Invoice requirements
  • Payment requirements

If you haven’t looked at the process do you know that your team is working these new tasks efficiently?  Has it been captured, in case you need to train someone new?  Watch for our continuing discussions in upcoming newsletters, and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Linked in or contact us directly at … to have a one on one discussion.

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