ERP Solution for Business Lead

Gain control with a 360-degree view of your organization

Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP software provides visibility into all aspects of your company—from revenue and profit margins to product quality and customer satisfaction—so you can make better decisions faster, from any location.

Lead with visibility and vision

President, CEO, Partner, Founder, Owner, “The Boss”

Decision-makers need to know where the organization is now and what threats and opportunities lie ahead—something a simple profit and loss statement does not cover. With Acumatica’s Cloud ERP application, business leaders get real-time insights into how each department is functioning, so they can identify minor issues before they become significant problems. Manage your entire leadership team effectively by arming them with accurate and timely information to make better decisions to improve finance, distribution, manufacturing, field service, professional services, construction, marketing, sales, and other business areas.

Essential KPIs for Business Leaders to Monitor

  1. Profitability ($) and Growth (%)
  2. Revenue ($) and Growth (%)
  3. Revenue from New Markets and Products (Innovation)
  4. Operating Costs, Corporate Valuation, and Stakeholder Equity
  5. Working Capital for Investments and Acquisitions
  6. Quality and Customer Satisfaction
  7. Distribution and Supply Chains
  8. Tactical and Strategic Planning
  9. Competitive Initiatives and Market Share