ERP Solution for IT Lead

Simplify the Business Side of Information Technology

IT leads in today’s enterprise face sprawling application footprints, evolving threat landscapes, and increasingly constrained resources. Acumatica Cloud ERP helps streamline IT management, so you can do more with less and still keep your organization on the cutting edge.

Software that streamlines IT management functions

CIO, CTO, VP of IT, IT Director

IT leaders oversee the company’s information technology operations. In today’s business environment, that means they have a lot on their plate, from maintaining the organization’s technical equipment, to keeping abreast of all the latest technology tools and trends, to forecasting budget and staffing demands. Maintaining various software licenses and user counts for the software that runs the company is not a good use of their time. Acumatica helps IT leaders streamline operations and focus resources on value-added work.

Key KPIs for IT Leaders to Monitor

  1. On-time and on-budget projects (including implementing Acumatica)
  2. System Uptime % (SaaS)
  3. % of Applicable Solutions Available Through Mobile Tools
  4. IT Spend, as % of revenue
  5. IT Staff Productivity (# hrs., $ of IT spend)
  6. 100% Cyber Security
  7. IT Support Ticket Performance