ERP Solution for Operations Lead

Better, faster, stronger.

Get real-time visibility into all aspects of your organization, so you can make strategic decisions faster and empower your whole team to keep operations running smoothly.

Ensure your company is operating at peak efficiency

Supply Chain VP, VP of Operations, VP of Manufacturing, Chief Operations Officer (COO), Field Service Director, VP of Professional Services, VP of Warehouse Operations

Operations leaders are responsible for all operational business processes from start to finish. From equipment staff to suppliers, projects, jobs, and appointments, you strive to increase productivity, lower costs, and improve quality. Empower your team of material planners, schedulers, estimators, warehouse workers, field service technicians, consultants, quality managers, maintenance staff, and laborers with information. Arm them with flexible reporting that they can customize without IT assistance and interactive role-based dashboards with drilldowns to underlying transactions to understand what is happening in the business in real-time.

General Metrics

  1. Operations Productivity and Efficiency
  2. Product/Service Quality
  3. Customer Satisfaction
  4. Product/Service Costs, Revenue, and Profit
  5. Sales Analytics by Sales Rep, Product/Service Line, more.
  6. Asset/Employee Utilization
  7. Marketing Campaign Performance
  8. Social Media Analysis
  9. Sales Pipeline Health
  10. Marketing and Sales Conversions