Certifications require documentation

Certifications require documentation

Do your processes meet the requirements for ISO or DSO certifications?  You may want to implement Lean techniques and CPI culture to satisfy their needs.  CPI drives ongoing review of your processes, which is relatively easy to tie out with the annual audit demands of the certifications.  Often keeping up with the certifications drives the CPI culture in the departments that have to deal with the audit (manufacturing, accounting, etc.), but it’s a great opportunity to expose more departments, like sales, marketing, management etc…

Changing requirements from the Certification organizations drives change in documentation management, and process to track all activity.  Changes in suppliers, customers, customer accounting systems, shipping companies, and similar factors drive the same need to change in sales, marketing, shipping, A/R and A/P .

Remember that every time your looking at a new contact, you are likely reviewing a different need in one of your existing processes.  It’s at least worth a look.

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