Known upgrade issues!!  Folks, this is a must read.  I’ll try to capture the details, but definitely look for the link at the bottom.  Lance Koplin from Microsoft does a very thorough job of outlining all the issues they already know about.  This should be part of every upgrade prework.  Read the known issues, put it on your checklist.

Ok, enough about how important it is to do, let’s look at what they know has issues:

  • Account framework table conversion: Lance breaks down the two main tables that must match between the company and the Dynamics databases, but most importantly there is a script “account_framework_validation.txt” in the upgrade guide.  If you get results from this script.  STOP.  Contact your partner or technical support.  It’s that simple.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP OLE object migration utility: The tool they provide may not move all the notes to document attach.  Some may need to be moved manually.
  • Budget date records in Analytical Accounting: If there are budget dates in the AAG00904 table that do not exist in the AAG00500 table, the upgrade will fail.
  • Database Compatibility: If you are upgrading your SQL version at the same time… “Please refer to KnowledgeBase Article 878449 for the steps to move to a new SQL Server” Once the databases are restored you must change the database compatibility.
  • Purchase order tables: Run the “Invalid_Records_POtables.txt” script.  If you receive results you can delete the detail records or run checklinks in the current version.
  • Server drop down list blank: If you are using an ODBC DSN that is 64 bit or is older your server may not show up.
  • US Payroll automatic tax engine: This does not work with GP
  • Workflow documents must be final approved: No documents can be pending
  • Microsoft Dynamics adapter service: If you use the CRM connector, you will need to stop this service to perform the upgrade.  You can turn it on once the upgrade is done.
  • Professional services tools Library: You may need to get and updated version of the PSTL.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities stops responding: It may appear to be stopped, but do not close or stop the process, check for SQL server profile trace to review activity.
  • Overlapping fiscal periods: If you have overlapping fiscal periods, it will hang on the mutlicurrency set up master.  Go here https://goo.gl/PKkvZD to see the list of scripts you need to run to verify if you have overlapping fiscal periods.

Lot’s of known issues, but if you take your time and review these you should be able to get a smooth upgrade in test!

Watch for more updates!! Contact me if you have questions @ justin@caidynamics.com