Random Rant

Random Rant

When does marketing go too far?  Where do these marketing folks get our information?!  Random e-mails from people you’ve never heard of offering you something obscure based on one sentence you typed yesterday.  Why?!  Does this really work?  It must because everyone does it at some level.  Then made up marketing words.  I thought marketing folks had marketing degrees, do the colleges now offer “How to hack the English language” classes?

Today, the catalyst for this rant, I received an e-mail from a company I will leave unnamed, offering help with a specific type of service (which my company doesn’t provide), and they have a “new” word.  “Servitizing” – I looked it up, and found that there is a new buzzword in Manufacturing “Servitization” – which I also guess is a marketing word.  I understand what they mean, but it just feels wrong.

This marketing is exactly why I started the “What’s Next” blog series.  Instead of blasting our customers and prospects with generic “hey buy this” and “Hey pay us to help with that” marketing, I am hoping to achieve a conversation that benefits multiple parties.  If that leads to business, great, if not, we all get to think about our challenges.

Anyway, just a rant…


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