We’re going Social! We’re Sharing!! Join us!!

We’re going Social! We’re Sharing!! Join us!!

The whole world has migrated to social media at one level or another, making social media an important tool for business.  Unfortunately navigating the social media landscape and finding effective ways to make the investment in time and money produce results can be very challenging.

CAI doesn’t claim to be an export in social media, but we’re listening to some. We have partnered with a leading agency to help us develop an effective strategy, and we’d like you to be a part of it!

Through our newly launched social media channels we will be working hard to share relevant information in the industry and which we believe will be beneficial to our clients. We see social media as another way to support our mission to foster long-term partnerships on and ongoing support to our clients.

We have begun on efforts focusing on the two largest social media channels, Twitter and Facebook.

Twitter @Caidynamics is where we are driving our initial social presence.  Follow us there to see 5-10 weekly updates on what our team is doing through our direct tweets.  Also, enjoy the benefit of reading the “retweets” of topics that catch our eye.  Criteria that we’re applying to our retweet philosophy:

–          Does it matter?  Is this something that I would want to read, to determine if it applies to my business or if I can use it.

–          Is it interesting?  Many things that matter, still don’t keep my attention for long, so I try to make sure it sounds interesting.

–          Is it positive?  There is enough negativity today.  I am not retweeting things that I think are “negative”.

If twitter is not your style don’t forget that facebook is another valuable tool.  For now we are keeping it to just a few of the social tools, let us know if we’re not on the social tool you prefer!